Monday, May 3, 2010

Less than a week ...

Participants so far are listed below. If you expected to see your name and did not, let me or Josh know. Otherwise, register here.
  • Karsten Henckell, 5d AGA
  • Joshua Lee, 4d AGA
  • Long Nguyen, 4d AGA
  • Joel Sanet, 3d AGA
  • Alex Feldstein, 1k KGS
  • Larry Rabinowitz, 2k AGA
  • Miki Hirama, 3k KGS
  • Efrain Divila, 3k AGA
  • Jung Yo, 4k AGA
  • Bart Lipofsky, 5k KGS
  • John Russell, 6k KGS
  • Chris Angermann, 7k KGS
  • Phillip Brix, 7k AGA
  • Alan Mishlove, 7k AGA
  • Joe Valencia, 8k KGS
  • Jefferey Williams, 8k AGA
  • John Sarry, 9k AGA
  • Paul Wiegand, 9k AGA
  • Sky Choi, 9k AGA
  • George Lebovitz, 10k KGS
  • Brett Lee, 11k KGS
  • Gerald Hill, 11k AGA
  • Christopher Margquis, 14k IGS
  • Joel Kickbusch, 14k
  • Anh Nguyen, 18k KGS
  • Leanne Nelson, ?
There are currently 27 registered players: 10 from Orlando, 5 from Miami, 4 from Sarasota, 2 from Tampa, 2 from the Space Coast Area, and 4 unspecified.

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