Sunday, April 18, 2010

OGT Registrants so far ...

As of this post, fourteen people have registered for the 2010 OGT. If you don't see your name and you think you should, contact Josh or Paul. If you haven't registered yet but you plan to do so, go do it now, here.
  • Karsten Henckell, 5d
  • Joshua Lee, 4d
  • Joel Sanet, 3d
  • Alex Feldstein, 1k
  • Miki Hirama, 3k
  • Phillip Brix, 7k
  • Alan Mishlove, 7k
  • Joe Valencia, 8k
  • Jefferey Williams, 8k
  • John Sarry, 9k
  • Paul Wiegand, 9k
  • Sky Choi, 9k
  • Brett Lee, 11k
  • Leanne Nelson, ?
For the curious: There are so far 7 from Orlando, 5 from Miami, 1 from Sarasota, and 1 from Tampa.

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