Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two weeks to go

Participants so far are listed below. If you expected to see your name and did not, let me or Josh know. Otherwise, registere here.
  • Karsten Henckell, 5d AGA
  • Joshua Lee, 4d AGA
  • Joel Sanet, 3d AGA
  • Alex Feldstein, 1k KGS
  • Miki Hirama, 3k KGS
  • Efrain Divila, 3k AGA
  • Jung Yo, 4k AGA
  • Bart Lipofsky, 5k KGS
  • John Russell, 6k KGS
  • Phillip Brix, 7k AGA
  • Alan Mishlove, 7k AGA
  • Joe Valencia, 8k KGS
  • Jefferey Williams, 8k AGA
  • John Sarry, 9k AGA
  • Paul Wiegand, 9k AGA
  • Sky Choi, 9k AGA
  • Brett Lee, 11k KGS
  • Christopher Margquis, 14k IGS
  • Leanne Nelson, ?
There are currently 19 registered players: 9 from Orlando, 5 from Miami, 2 from Sarasota, 2 from Tampa, 1 from the Space Coast Area.

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